Kimimaro concept art by mebae.

Yoga Kimimaro (余賀 公磨) is a 19 year-old orphan who was raised by his paternal aunt. He is a sophomore in Heisei Financial University and works part-time on two jobs in two convinience stores, "Zeven Twenty-Four" and "OH!MART".

At the beginning of the story, the main goal of his life is to earn enough money to live a "perfectly normal life". This dream of his is crushed when Masakaki offers him the position of Entrepreneur. Kimimaro refuses his offer, but takes Midas Money that Masakaki put on his debit card as a down payment, thus signing the contract.

It is later revealed that Kimimaro's father was an Entrepreneur, himself. Though he had a reputation of a greedy and stingy man, he was keeping a photograph of baby Kimimaro in his notebook, meaning that he never forgot about his family. He ended his life after going bankrupt by hanging himself in a park.

He was a member of Mukudori Guild, but quit it after learning about Mikuni Souichirou's methods of saving the present by sacrifiing the future.



Main article: Mashu

Mashu is Kimimaro's original Asset. Her ticker symbol is MSYU.


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Kimimaro was in possession of Jennifer Satou's Asset, György, during his final Deal with Mikuni Souichirou.

The MonologueEdit

This is the script of Kimimaro's mini-drama, which can be seen here.

The words that man said. That the true thrill of Deals is not in winning or losing. It`s creating, without losing too much or winning too much, the maximum amount of profit while still taking into consideration the effects on the world around you.
I believed those words.
To accept your destiny of living in this district, and to avoid bringing misfortune to those around you.
That that was the right thing.
There`s no mistake about it, he said.
I was completely convinced.
But Sennoza, he rejected the things that man says and does.
He said that if all that’s left is a hopeless future, there’s no meaning for the present.
What does that mean?
How is it different from what that man says?
If the objective is to diminish the effects on the real world, aren’t they doing the same thing?
But that man says there’s a difference.
He says that’s the reasoning of the big fish.
I couldn’t understand it.
And so I had to fight. That was my only option.
However I do not feel as if I won.
I was supposed to be fighting for the people around me, but maybe that was wrong.
If Mashu is the representation of my future… If Mashu is the future that was lost…
It’s not about sacrificing the present to protect the future, it’s about returning to the future what was supposed to be there from the start.
I don’t understand.
What is right, and what is wrong.
What am I meant to do?