Sennoza concept art by mebae.

Sennoza Kou (宣野座 功) is a Platinum Midas Card Entrepreneur. He is a young man who is dressed in a simple gray sweater, brown trousers and white shoes. He is well-known for his charity practices, including giving out vaccines to the children of developing countries. This has earned him the nickname of "Prince of Volunteers".

As an Entrepreneur, he is a strong opponent, having lost only two times in his career. He always offers his opponents to cancel the Deal and pay all the expenses, but no one have agreed so far. He believes that only negating any consequences of Deals will bring happiness to the world, which conflicts with the viewpoint of Mikuni Souichirou, who believes that it is much more important to improve the present, even at the cost of the future.




Karyuma is Sennoza's Asset, and is one of the five most powerful Assets in the Financial District. Its shape is one of gigantic skeletal bird with eight swords on its rainbow wings, a red halo and a human skull in its forehead. Its ticker symbol is LILT. Its Flation, "Angel", summons incredibly powerful thunderbolts. Its name is taken from the term "Angel Investor", an investor who provides financial backing for small startups or entrepreneurs.


  • The Entrepreneurs that Sennoza lost to are Mikuni Souichirou and Yoga Kimimaro. We do not know the exact way either of them managed to defeat Sennoza.
  • Sennoza's conflict with Souichirou represents the conflict between free market and Keynesian theories, respectively. The former prioritize the healthy development of economy in the future, while the latter prefer to improve the life of people in the present.