The Rotary Press of Far Eastern Financial District.

The Rotary Press is the otherworldly device that prints Midas Money by using the people's future. It is a golden pillar covered in Midas Money that falls from the sky of the Financial District. It may be considered the heart of every Financial District, and of Midas Bank itself.

The owners of Darkness Midas Cards may activate the Rotary Press in exchange for 20 years of their own future to print any amount of money they want. However, to print such an amount of money, the Rotary Press siphons out the future out of random people who are not Entrepreneurs. This event is called Settlement. Compared to C, the effects on reality are not as large, but the greater the amount of money requested, the greater the number of people whose future will be lost.


Yoga Kimimaro gaining Control on the Rotary Press.

It is possible to reverse the Rotary Press and turn Midas Money back into the future it was made of.