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The logo of Mukudori Guild.

Mukudori building

The main office of Mukudori Guild.

Mukudori Guild (椋鳥 ギルド) is an organization located in the Financial District. Its main objective is to minimize the effect Deals have on the outside world by getting minimal income in Deals to avoid bankruptcy, with the ultimate goal of overtaking the Financial District completely. It currently consists of about 1,200 members, which is about 1/3 of the Far Eastern Financial District. Its main office is built out of hundreds of Doors, which are a frequent sight around the Financial District.

Guild MembersEdit

General RulesEdit


This organization is named Mukudori Guild.


This organization has its main office located on the Far Eastern Financial District.


This organization has as its objectives the suppressing of the effects of Deals taking place in the Financial District over the real world, mutual assistance between fellow members in duels, aiding of those that have gone bankrupt and the managing and investing of the index fund.


This organization repudiates disorderly behavior of Entrepreneurs during deals. It considers its true aim the regulation of the Financial District and the application of its influence to build a better society.

Types of MembersEdit

  1. Associate Member: individuals that agree to the objectives of this organization and follow the rules stated in the affiliation contract.
  2. Regular Member: individuals that agree to the objectives of this organization, follow the rules stated in the affiliation contract and participate in balance Deals.
  3. Director: individuals that have accomplished meritorious services, acknowledged by the board of directors.
  4. Supervisor: Elected by the regular members and agreed upon by the board of directors. Has the obligation of supervising this organization’s activities, allocation and rewards.

Entrance RequirementsEdit

  1. To be an Entrepreneur of the Far Eastern Financial District.
  2. To agree to the principles of this organization.
  3. Paying the established membership fee until the fixed date.

Entrance and Member FeesEdit

Member fees are as a rule required once a week, to be transferred into an appointed bank account. Currently both real and Midas Money are accepted.

  1. Associate Member: entrance fee: 10.000.000 yen weekly fee: 2.000.000 yen
  2. Regular Member: weekly fee: 5.000.000 yen
  3. Director: exempt from fees
  4. Supervisor: exempt from fees


  • Associate Member
  1. Settlement of Deals between members: set up deals between members, thus avoiding accidental defeats and bankruptcy.
  2. Support during deals with outsiders: In the case a deal with a non member could not be avoided, fellow members must support the entrepreneur affiliated to the organization with loaning of Midas money before the deal and during the deal assist him directly by investing on the stocks of the asset.
  3. This organization acquires an equal number of stocks from the entrepreneurs that compose the far eastern financial district’s index and attempts to achieve a return of investments congruent with the market performance. Distribution of returns happens every three weeks.
  • Regular Member
  1. Appoint entrepreneurs that do not concur with the principles of this organization to balance deals, to minimize the effects that indiscriminate dealing has on reality. This organization will support members participating in balance deals, and pay money rewards.
  2. From the profits of the organization, every three weeks, pay the regular member’s remuneration.
  • Director
  1. From the profits of the organization, every three weeks, pay the director’s remuneration.
  • Supervisor
  1. From the profits of the organization, every three weeks, pay the director’s remuneration.

Withdrawal from MembershipEdit

A member will have his membership withdrawn if he fits in either of the following conditions:

  1. After missing the due date, failing to pay his membership fee for a week after receiving a demand notification.
  2. Being dead or declared disappeared.


Any member that comes under any of the following conditions is subject to sanctions to the discretion of the board of directors.

  1. Going against the rules of this contract.
  2. Holding a disorderly duel against a member of this organization.
  3. Damaging the name of this organization, or taking any action that goes against its objectives.

Process of the SanctionsEdit

The sanctions in the above article are decided with by the majority of the members of the board of directors, its contents following the agreement of the board. The penalty of withdrawal from membership, as an exception, requires the agreement of three fourths of the board. The accused is always given a chance to explain his actions prior to the decision.

Non-Refundable FeesEdit

Fees paid to this organization are not returned when the membership is withdrawn.