Mikuni Souichirou

Concept art.

Mikuni Souichirou (三國 壮一郎), an enigmatic and extremely powerful man in both the real world as well as in the Financial District, is the founder of the Mukudori Guild whose aim is to curb the Financial District's deleterious influence on the real world. He puts great value in the present, even willing to sacrifice the future of other people to preserve it. Still, he plays with extreme caution most of the time, being careful to never bankrupt a person if doing so has the potential of creating large-scale changes in reality.

He's also the person responsible for many economical events in Japan. To reduce the influence of the Financial District on the real world, he goes as far as to buy the companies of losing Entrepreneurs and to provide Japanese government enough money to pay off their debts.

He often wears casual clothes unfit for his status, but he is dressed in a black cloak with a Mukudori Guild logo on its back and a business suit while in the Financial District.

Before becoming an Entrepreneur, Souichirou worked in Mikuni Masafumi's company as a secretary. Because of that, he had to abandon his dream of becoming a rock musician. Later, Masafumi's company suffers a crisis, because of which he canceled the treatment of Souichirou's sister, Takako. Because of that, Souichirou bought Masafumi's company after becoming an Entrepreneur.


The MonologueEdit

This is the script of Mikuni's mini-drama, which can be seen here.

He’s a man you might not notice if you crossed with him on the street. He says he wants to live a mediocre life, and truly is mediocre. You could say, a man with no qualities. However, in the Financial District it’s a different story. A man like that is rare. With no attachment to money, he puts others before himself. To protect them, he believes even defeat is worth it. Usually those types can’t make it in there, but he obstinately continues to win. On his first Deal, he helped his Asset. Maybe that supported his Asset’s strength, and led to victory. Even on the deals from then on, the Asset’s and Entrepreneur’s ability made a good combination, and raised their strength. Q says he resembles me but, I wonder… hahaha.

Sennoza Kou, his next opponent, is a troublesome man. I wonder if he will be capable of telling the diference between that man and I, who want to coexist and cooperate with the Financial District. Well, whatever happens, I will be looking. On his next fight, what he will gain, and what he will lose. Yoga Kimimaro. I can’t help but be excited to see which path you will take.


  • Aurora's name and Flation are references to the Disney animated movie, "Sleeping Beauty".


  • Since the very beginning, fans speculated that Mikuni was in fact Kimimaro's long-lost father, a theory that was discredited in episode 3. Some fans, though, still found that theory possible, as Mikuni could have bribed Taketazaki so he would lie to Kimimaro. This time, it was discredited in episode 9, when Taketazaki showed a picture of Kimimaro's father and his Asset to him.
  • Another popular theory was that Mikuni is Kimimaro's older brother and the person who defeated Kimimaro's father in a Deal, making him bankrupt. This Deal may be the main reason of him wanting to minimize the influence of the Financial District on the real world, as well as the reason of the two not recognizing each other as brothers. This theory could've been hinted at by the meaning of the name "Souichirou" (壮一郎), which is "The first prosperous son". The theory was refuted after Souichirou's father, Mikuni Masafumi, was shown in episode 7.