Midas note

Midas Money is the currency issued by Midas Bank. It is given to Entrepreneurs by taking their future as collateral and is used during Deals as a way to power Direct attacks and Assets.

Only Entrepreneurs can see the black Midas Money notes, as they seem like normal money notes to people who were never in the Financial District. Because of that, Midas Money participates in world economics exactly the same way the usual money does.


  • Quite obviously, Midas Money depicts King Midas with his donkey ears.
  • The writing in the center of Midas Money shows its denomination; for example, the bill to the right says 金壱萬円 "10 thousand yen" (spelled in a somewhat unusual way).
  • Midas Money is a reference to most of the modern currencies, which are not supported by anything and are completely virtual.


  • The effect of Midas Money was one of the main points of discussion among the fans. At the very least, its continuous income may lead to worldwide inflation. At its worst, it may lead to major economical collapses if an important Entrepreneur goes bankrupt.
  • Though Souichirou told Kimimaro that using Midas Money doesn't affect the user, it may have still been possible that it leaves some negative effect on those who touch it. Though this theory may have been redundant if you consider its negative influence on the world economics.