Naoya concept art by mebae.

Makida Naoya (牧田 直也) is the first Entrepreneur that's shown in the series, the participant of the first shown Deal, and the first shown Entrepreneur who goes bankrupt. He is a salaryman who desperately needs money. He tries to take money from his many debit cards, but fails. Finally, he takes his Midas Card and makes a Deal with Mikuni Souichirou, who quickly defeats him. Now bankrupt, Naoya jumps under arriving train, thus ending his life.




Hachionna is Naoya's Asset, who takes the form of a bee woman. She is quickly defeated by Kakazuzu without even getting a chance to use her Flation, Killer Bee. The Flation's name is a M&A term for firms or individuals that are employed by a target company to fend off a takeover bid.

The BlogEdit

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Naoya is one of the Entrepreneurs to have a blog on the official website. It explains the reasons for his desperate need for money, as well as his inexperience in Deals.


  • Though Naoya admits that his Deal with Souichirou is his first one, he still understands the rules of Deals well, even trying to perform a Direct attack. On the other hand, Kimimaro is thrown into his first Deal without any explanation about the rules, leaving him to the mercy of his opponent.
  • If it is so that the number of Entrepreneurs in the Financial District is constant, then Naoya is the Entrepreneur whose place is taken by Kimimaro.