Jennifer concept art by mebae.

Jennifer Satou (ジェニファー サトウ) is a young American woman of Japanese origin. She is blonde, dresses in a business suit and often spots a pair of sunglasses. She has a soft spot for snacks, from donuts to lolipops.

She is a Gold Midas Card Entrepreneur who works for International Monetary Fund. Her current job is to observe the situation in the Far Eastern Financial District without taking any action. She does not hide her disapproval about the passive nature of her mission, but proceeds to carry it on. She wins her Deals with minimal profit to have better control on the situation, which is similar to the way of Mukudori Guild. Recently, she has been interested in Yoga Kimimaro.




György is Jennifer's Asset, who takes the shape of a large wolf with blue paws, a single horn and multiple crystal-like thorns growing out of its body. György's ticker symbol is WWTF. Its Flation, "EBO", covers the area in mist, which György uses to take Jennifer's form and confuse the opponent. EBO is an abbreviation of Employee Buyout, a restructuring strategy in which employees buy a majority stake in their own firms.

In episode 10, Jennifer uses György's Macroflation, "Mergers and Acquisitions". It allows Jennifer to steal enemy Assets, outnumbering her opponent. Mergers & Acquisitions, or M&A, is the corporate strategy, corporate finance and management dealing with the buying, selling and combining of different companies. Most of the other Flations take their names from M&A.

The MonologueEdit

This is the script of Jennifer's mini-drama, which can be seen here.

At first, he seemed to me as nothing more than a man who had walked into the wrong place.

When he surprisingly won on his first Deal, I thought it was just a fluke.

I only called out to him because he seemed like an honest guy.

His eyes said he understood that there are more important things than money.

Besides, I couldn`t bear to just sit by and watch him be ruined by the influence of this city.

No, that's not it…

I was insecure.

I was trying to find someone who would agree with the things I was trying to do.

Faced with the option to take back the future, someone who would say “Yes”.

He was perfect.

Mikuni certainly thought the same thing.

Perhaps he even intended to choose him as his successor in the Mukudori Guild.

But that could never be. Of that I’m certain.

The naiveté Mikuni had once thrown away, he still maintained.

And that would give him the heart to say that what is wrong is wrong;
To object what is unreasonable.

I share that same spirit.

The things we will do from now may bring irreversible effects on the real world.

But in order to take back the future into our hands, that is a risk we must take.

And I’m sure that boy can understand that.


  • Jennifer's large appetite may be cause by her being pregnant. This may also be hinted at by one of Q's lines in episode 10.