Isurugi concept art by mebae.

Isurugi Kirihito (石動 桐人) is an Entrepreneur and a member of Mukudori Guild. He is a bespectacled young man dressed in a business suit. He serves as the manager of the Guild, collecting membership fees and managing the Guild funds. Because of that, he's often seen with a laptop. Outside the Financial District, he works as an economics consultant and is often seen on television.

After a talk with Jennifer Satou, he participates in a plot against Mikuni Souichirou by trying to steal the funds of Mukudori Guild, thus unwillingly helping Yoga Kimimaro and Taketazaki Shigeomi.

His Asset is unknown, as Kirihito was never shown participating in a Deal. It is possible that he always forfeits his Deals using the Guild funds.