Hanabi's concept art by mebae.

Ikuta Hanabi (生田 羽奈日) is a sophomore at Heisei Financial University and Yoga Kimimaro's group mate. She is cautious about her money, always adding it to her savings. She has recently got a job of an assistant teacher.

Kimimaro has a soft crush on her, which conflicts with Hanabi already dating another young man. The man's name is unknown; the only fact about him that is known is that he has a lot of money.

The MonologueEdit

This is the script of Hanabi's mini-drama, which can be seen here.

Kimimaro? He’s a classmate from back in highschool. Even back then he was already boring.
Girlfriend? *snort* Of course he doesn’t have one. It’s like, he’s so stiff sometimes, no fun at all.
His face is not bad, so every now and then he gets girls confessing to him, but he always rejects them.
“I can’t go out with somebody I don’t really like”, he says.
I told him “it’s not like you’re marrying them, you know?"
But he doesn’t listen.
So even now he’s never had a girlfriend.
What, me?
Oh, he’s a good guy, and we get along, but it’s not like that.
Even though we’re the same age, he feels like a little brother.
Just looking at him I end up wanting to take care of him.
It’s because of his nature, definitely.
But really, he’s lived a rough life. Although in these times, it’s no surprise.
Sometimes I also feel really insecure, but I really don’t want to be discouraged, so I’m working my hardest for the Teacher Competency Test.
I love children, so I feel this is the only thing for me, but…
But recently it’s been a little strange, hasn’t it.
Sometimes I start thinking about a lot of things and just space off.
When I come to, it’s been like two hours.
My head understands, but my feelings just refuse to go along.
I’m hopeless, aren’t I?
…and recently he’s been so lively…
I have to do my best too.


  • Hanabi district

    Hanabi in the Financial District.

    An unused screenshot from the official website depicts Hanabi standing in the Financial District, even though she is not an Entrepreneur. Many theories were based on this screenshot, but none of them turned out to be true.
  • It is also possible that she is currently dating an Entrepreneur, with him being rich thanks to the Deals. Takazawa Yuuichi may be the man she dates, as he won a Deal with Kimimaro right before Hanabi got a job.