Scorched earth card

Yoga Kimimaro activates the Scorched Earth mezzoflation.

Flations are the attacks and abilities Assets use during Deals to gain profit from the opposing Entrepreneur. They are all used in the same way, but the actual effect of a Flation varies based on the Asset.

To use a Flation, an Entrepreneur needs to invest money in his Asset, with each level of Flation having a higher minimum investment than the one before it. You can increase the power of the Flation by investing more than the minimum amount. If an investment amount is not stated, the default minimum is used.

Flation LevelsEdit

  • Microflation has a minimum cost of 100,000 yen, and is almost always a direct attack ability, like Mashu's fire breath or Gig's Bulk Sale.
  • Mezzoflation has a minimum cost of 1,000,000 yen, and has a wide variety of effects, from Mashu's Scorched Earth direct damage nuke to Kakazuzu's White Knight summoning. Mezzo is the flation most widely used, normally to set up a Direct attack or a barrage of Micros.
  • Macroflation is the least commonly used, with a minimum cost of 10,000,000 yen. Its effects are the most unpredictable ones among all the Flations, and may not show themselves immediately after being activated. It is considered too risky, so most Entrepreneurs might not even know what their Macroflation does. It is, however, possible to build you strategy around a Macro. An example of a Macroflation would be Hurst's Pac-Man Defense.