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Midas Bank Plaza, the center of the Financial District.

The Financial District (金融街, Kinyuugai) is a mysterious city residing in an alternate reality, in which Entrepreneurs participate in Deals. Its characteristics include white, windowless buildings, and the red sky. Many Doors also float around the Financial District. The only place of interest in the Financial District is the Midas Bank Plaza, which shows the current balance of the District and information about Entrepreneurs and
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The display of the Midas Bank Plaza.

Deals. Eight Highways around the Plaza lead to the Gates that separate the real world from the Financial District.

The Financial District appears in every center of the world economics, and its size is proportionate to the size of its real world counterpart. The Far Eastern Financial District, which is set in Japan, is one of the largest in the world, and it is in this Financial District where the series take place.


The South-Eastern Asian Financial District.

The looks of the Financial Districts may vary depending on its location. An example of that is the South-Eastern Asian District: unlike the Far Eastern District, its sky and buildings are green, and the giant coin that denotes the current balance of the District is of copper color.

Every Financial District is observed by International Monetary Fund through its people who have attained the position of Entrepreneur. The one who is responsible for the observation of the Far Eastern Financial District is Jennifer Satou.


  • Based on monetary growth rate in episode 1, the Far Eastern District is about 20 years old. Which, depending on the exact date of events happening in the series, could point to the Japanese economic bubble of the late 80s or early 90s as the source of the District.