Daisuke concept art by mebae.

Ebara Daisuke (江原 大介) was a professor and a Golden Midas Card Entrepreneur. He was the first Entrepreneur who went bankrupt after a Deal with Yoga Kimimaro.

Before going bankrupt, Daisuke was an economics professor at Heisei Financial University where Kimimaro and Hanabi study. He had two children and a wife who was soon to give birth to a third one. However, after losing to Kimimaro, his children disappeared with no one remembering them, including his unborn child. Soon after that, his wife left him after losing hope to have children with Daisuke. Instead of lashing out on Kimimaro, Daisuke tells him about the meaning of bankruptcy and the future that is taken by Midas Bank as collateral, asking him to never go bankrupt, so there is at least one person other than Daisuke who remembers his children.

He latter attempts suicide, but is stopped by Kimimaro. He explains that even his thoughts escape him, literally leaving nothing in his future. Shortly after that, he dies after being hit by a drunk driver.




Keel was Daisuke's Asset, who had the shape of a male horned humanoid covered in purple fur below the waist. His ticker symbol was EHPO. His Flation, Poison Pill, could spread on the opponent, constantly draining his money. Its name is taken from a M&A strategy of attempting to make the company's stock less attractive to the acquirer. As Daisuke had never traded Stocks, Keel was probably sent to the Regulation Post after Daisuke's bankruptcy.