Various Assets depicted in the official trailer.

An Asset is an incarnation of Entrepreneur's future which helps him to perform Deals. Every new Entré in the Financial District starts his career with one Asset, though it is possible to have more than one Asset by buying Stocks. The Assets are usually invisible, though Entrés can use their Midas Cards to summon them or communicate with them when outside the Financial District. Many Doors are also floating around the Financial District, which reveal any Asset that passes behind them, even when it's not summoned by the Entré.


  • The form the asset takes may vary, but all have a pair of horns somewhere on their body. These horns glow whenever Entrepreneur invests money in the Asset to perform a Flation.
  • An Asset's name is often taken from the ticker symbol on Entrepreneur's Midas Card, though they are not neccesarily similar. For example, Yoga Kimimaro names his asset Mashu after reading the ticker on his card, MSYU. On the other hand, the name of Mikuni Souichirou's Asset, Q, is much shorter than Souichirou's ticker symbol, QFWK.
  • Though Q is often seen eating Midas Money, other Assets do not perceive the concept of food and do not need anything to sustain themselves.
    • Mashu's stomach is shown to growl at the beginning of episode 6, showing that she seems to have developed at least some sort of desire for food.


  • The true nature of Assets was a major point of speculation among the fans. Some considered them to be demons summoned from Hell, while others thought of them as of literal incarnations of the Entré's future, symbolizing their future deeds and achievements. In the end, the latter theory turned out to be closer to the truth.
  • Another theory about the origin of Assets was that they are reincarnations of dead people. This theory was refuted by the fact that Mikuni Souichirou's Asset, Q, is an incarnation of his comatose sister, Mikuni Takako, who is not dead.
  • Assets of bankrupt Entrés are sent to the Regulation Post, but it is unknown what happens to them after that. It is possible that they become recycled and are handed out to newcomer Entrés, which may explain Mashu recognizing Q.

List of AssetsEdit